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AVK Buterfly Valve BV-76-70

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BV-76-70 12 inch DN300
BV-76-70 10 inch DN250
BV-76-70 8 inch DN200
BV-76-70 6 inch DN150
BV-76-70 5 inch DN125
BV-76-70 4 inch DN100
BV-76-70 3 inch DN80
BV-76-70 2 1/2 inch DN65
BV-76-70 2 inch DN50

Spesifikasi :
AVK Wafer type Centric butterfly valve with loose liner designed according to EN 593 PN16.
Face to face according to EN 558-2008 table 2 basic series 20.
Standard flange drilling to AS 2129 Table D / AS 4087 B5.

AVK Buterfly Valve BV-76-70

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Ductile iron body
Disc: Stainless Steel W 1.4408 (Concentric)
Shaft: SS 1.4021
Lining: EPDM
Epoxy Coating internally and externally

DN50 – DN300

? For water and neutral liquids to max. 70o C
? For cold drinking water application up to 23o C

? Hydraulic test to EN 12266 P10/P12

? DN50-DN200 delivered with lever
? DN250-DN300 with wormgear

? WRAS drinking water approval


BV-76-70 12 inch DN300, BV-76-70 10 inch DN250, BV-76-70 8 inch DN200, BV-76-70 6 inch DN150, BV-76-70 5 inch DN125, BV-76-70 4 inch DN100, BV-76-70 3 inch DN80, BV-76-70 2 1/2 inch DN65, BV-76-70 2 inch DN50